New Season Asparagus Recipe

They say you can tell the status of a household by how much of the stems they trim off their asparagus!

But, you can actually peel the lower part of the stem with a swivel-head peeler and use almost the whole stalk!

Just peel the lower third of a bunch of new season asparagus, and blanch for one minute.  For those of you new to cooking, this means submerge in boiling water, bring back to the boil, and boil for one minute or until fork-tender.  Immediately "shock" into cold water to cool and set the color.  Asparagus can be prepped this way a day in advance. 

When ready to cook, simply sauté the stalks in hot oil to taste, and served finished with a sprinkling of seasalt.

Here's the same asparagus plated with sautéed baby spinach and pork tenderloin medallions with cherry sauce: