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28Jam MarionberryMade with Oregon's most popular fruit!5.95Jam Marionberry
29Jam CherryLocal cherries from the Willamette valley!5.95Jam Cherry
30Jam BoysenberrySlightly tart, slightly sweet!5.95Jam Boysenberry
31Jam BlueberryAll the sweet goodness of local blueberries!5.95Jam Blueberry
32Jam HuckleberryTry picking enough of these little guys to make jam!6.95Jam Huckleberry
33Jam StrawberryLocal farmer's market strawberries make these a treat!5.95Jam Strawberry
34Jam Blueberry PearA fruitful combination!5.95Jam Blueberry Pear
35Gift Box 3 jamsThree of our favorite jams in a perfect gift box16.95Gift Box 3 jams