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The Village Roastery is now located in Winchester Bay, on the Pacific coast of Oregon. We were founded back in 1995, as a small roasting company and retail shop in Lake Tahoe, NV.  As the Village Roastery sought to expand past Lake Tahoe, we participated in wholesale shows in most major American cities, including Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle (yes, Seattle!), Portland, Los Angeles, and Dallas, Texas, where we had a permanent showroom.  This led to the development of accounts in most of western United States, and also Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

However, we soon found that this was not conducive to offering the finest and freshest coffees, for several reasons.  Some of the coffees we offered were too exotic, like our Maubesse region East Timor Shade Grown Certified Organic coffee, or our Indian Monsoon Malabar Gold coffee.  People were unsure about trying unfamiliar coffee.  So, our exotic coffees were reaching people more interested in traditional coffees, and not reaching people who wanted to experiment with new and different coffees.  We knew there had to be a way to get our coffees to those who wanted the very finest in exotic and estate coffees!

To solve this dilemma, we began offering the coffee through coffee clubs and mail order.  This had several advantages, as we were able to talk to people about the different coffees and different grades of coffee.  Interestingly, this became so successful that we closed the retail location in order to dedicate ourselves 100% to coffee by mail.

Its been a match made in heaven, as we have been able to connect with people who want to try different estate coffees, different exotic coffees, and don't want to have to worry about how long the coffee might have been sitting on the shelf in a store somewhere.  Because we know exactly how much coffee is going out each week, we are able to roast to order, and our members receive coffee that was packed while it was still warm!  Flavored coffee lovers get to try over 150 different flavors, and regular coffee lovers get to try coffee from every coffee growing region in the world!  (Did you know that there are over 80 countries that grow coffee?)

So, this story had a very happy ending, with our customers getting the absolute finest in specialty grade gourmet coffee, freshly roasted and shipped to their doors!

The Village Roastery currently ships its gourmet coffees all over the United States, and to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.  (Guess Hawaiians are tired of drinking all that Kona!)  Our coffee is also available in several local restaurants, as well as the local grocery stores!

Next time you're in Winchester Bay, Oregon, stop by and see us!


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