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We at the Sourdough Bakery take great pride in our charitable donations program.  We emphasize donations for the following:
Animal Rights Organizations
Community Service Organizations
Our policy has been primarily to donate employee time rather than money or products.
Please understand that we receive many requests for donations in the form of products and cash, and we can't possibly donate to all that we would like to.
If you wish to make a request for a donation, please send your request on your company/charity letterhead with the following information:
Description of event,
Date of event,
Your specific request, and
The beneficiary or purpose of the donation. 
Please give a brief summary of how our goals match yours and why you think we would be an appropriate donor.
Also, please tell us your donation deadline, and the amount of money you were able to raise last year, with a list of donors if possible.
A copy of your 501 (c) status letter must be enclosed, as well as copies of advertising or posters for your event.  Please identify any recognition we would receive as a donor.
Because of the number of requests we receive, our donations tend to be limited to the requests made by our very best customers.