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Pan Gravy

1/4 cup melted fat

3-4 T flour

2 cups stock

Now that your standing rib roast is done, and is resting patiently on the counter, you're left with the most wonderful pan juices that you can use for gravy.  Pour the drippings from the pan into a one or two cup measuring cup, depending on how much volume you have (which is determined by how big of a roast you made).  Allow to settle, and the prime rib juices will sink to the bottom, and the fat will rise to the top.

Skim the fat off the top, taking care not to get any more juice than necessary.  Use this to make the roux for the gravy, as follows:  put fat  in pan, mix with an equal amount of flour.  Heat over medium heat, stirring, until mixture just begins to turn pale brown.  The mixture should be loose enough to cover the bottom of the pan; if you've added too much flour, it will start to ball up.  This is easily fixed by adding some butter and mixing it in until you're back to the smooth mixture.

Once the mixture reaches a pale brown color, add cold stock and stir to mix.  (If you didn't get 2 cups from the prime rib juices, add your own stock to bring up to two cups.)  It will start out thick and lumpy, but as you continue to stir, it will smooth out.  Using cold stock is very important here, because if you use warm stock, it will never smooth out!

Once it comes to a simmer, it will be thick as it will get.  Remove from heat, and serve in a gravy boat.